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Welcome to CV
Instrumental Music


We're getting ready for another exciting year of music and performances at Clayton Valley! Our award-winning ensembles include Concert Bands, String Orchestra, Jazz Band and the Clayton Valley Marching Band & Color Guard. Some groups practice during the school day as scheduled classes while others such as marching band require attendance after school on weeknights and weekends.


We look forward to sharing all our hard work with you as you support your students at concerts, practices and competitions.


We also need your financial and volunteer support. The success of our music program depends upon engaged participation with the CV Music Boosters, a nonprofit organization of families and friends dedicated to supporting our music program. 


In a typical year, your donations to CV Music Boosters are needed to cover instruments, classroom supplies, out-of-town competitions, a dozen additional staff members and music coaches who assist the ensembles, and more. Each year we calculate costs for each ensemble, divide by students participating and determine a suggested tax-deductible donation. Precise amounts for these "asks" are determined in the spring, when budgets are finalized.


As a public charter school, we guarantee access to all students who want to participate in the music program, regardless of financial contribution. This model only works if most of our families donate.


Parent volunteers also help to plan, budget, raise funds and staff events such as school concerts, field competitions, our Band on the Run walk-a-thon, and our spring fundraiser. Throughout the year, we need ushers for concerts, chaperones for competitions, cooks to prepare and serve food, a road crew to help with equipment and props, and leaders to help organize our efforts!


To keep our community strong, please do your part to support your student's participation. We ask three things of each family:


  • Read director emails and Instrumental Music Newsletters


  • ​Mark your Calendars

  • Sign up for BAND App
    Announcement groups



  • Your giving funds ~90% of our operations

  • Support our fundraisers


  • Ask about employer matching


  • Opportunities listed in Instrumental Music Newsletter

  • Visit our Volunteer page for active sign up links

You can also follow us on Facebook and Instagram and learn more by attending CV Booster meetings. The CV Music Booster club is an amazing, inclusive community with a legacy of generous support. We look forward to welcoming you!

Got questions or ideas? Please get in touch!

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